I was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia and I go by Ya Boi Mike T!

Music was pretty much a way of life coming from me as well as sports growing up. My father had his own group called the E.L.F. Crew when I was a kid and had his own studio so I was always around music and the next thing you know I’m writing songs to recording myself and teaching myself how to mix my own vocals!

Most importantly my number 1 inspiration is “God” first, Family second, than me! my fans inspire me as well to continue to go 100% every time I put work In!

I’ve Recently dropped a album called “Elevation” on iTunes, Right now I’m working on my mixtape called “Redemption” and as far as future projects I’m willing to work with whoever want to work man!! I’m a very humble artist with a passion for music!

I just want to show the world something different as far as where I come from and the talent level we have coming from a small city and state that don’t get a lot of publicity! I want to be able to make an impact in people’s lives as far as relating my music to certain situations they might be going through in life!!!

I love hip hop/rap/RnB, pretty much all music in general!! My main goal is to touch basis with all audiences!!