Juiccy Luccy

Elizabeth Cole a.k.a Juiccy Luccy who grew up in south side St. Petersburg, Florida, wrote poetry and short stories as a child. She never thought that she will be doing music and making it a career. In November of 2012, she began her street style rapping with KOG Entertainment. Soon after, she decided to release her new single titled Right Nowgiving out a reggae background mixed with a touch of street. Every since her single has been released in March 2013, she has performed at many venues and gained a good amount of local attention. Juiccy Luccy’s name will continue to make noise as she pursues future projects.
Before Juiccy Luccy approaches the stage, there’s silent rants throughout the crowd chanting Right Now, or “girl that’s my song”. Calm and composed, Juiccy has no fear on stage as she sways back and forth to the island rhythms, low horns, and hands up hand gestures. Then when the chorus drops her energy level raises! With the crowd singing along with the chorus, it makes for a better performance as Juiccy Luccy moves back and forth across stage controlling the crowd. She demands that stage attention when she is performing. It’s shown through the strength of her voice all the way to the fire in the production. She lets the listeners know about what her aim is in the song, and how she plans to get money with the guy that she’s pursuing right now!
Juiccy Luccy holds nothing back from start to finish as she performs venue to venue. She appeals to any crowd, and with the single Right Now anytime it is performed.
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